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The health and quality of skin is influenced by genetics, age, and external stressors (UV light, pollution). The vast majority of premature aging is due to sun. As proof, look at your sun-protected bottom to get an idea of your skin’s true age! Maintaining skin health is best achieved by a combination of preventing further sun damage with sun protection, and repairing previous sun damage with rejuvenating skin products.

At KDC, we are committed to helping our patients identify the best products for their skin, regardless of their age, pre-existing conditions, or sun-habits. Our goal is to help you understand the proper use of skin products, and how this can form the basis for a lifetime of healthy skin. At KDC we carry numerous skin products within the eight skin product categories.

KDC is excited to announce that we are now offering our own private label which includes: retinol pads, made in house hydroquinone pads/lotion, sunscreen, glycolic/salicylic wash, brightening polish scrub, retinol eye cream. Come in or call us to learn more about our new products.

Our Skin Care Products

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Skin Tone Enhancement Lotion

Enriched Retinol Eye Cream

Gly/Sal 10-2 Cleanser

Antibacterial BPO 5% Wash

Skin Tone Enhancement Therapy

Tinted Physical Sunscreen (SPF 50)

Retinol Plus Treatment Pads 5x & 10x

Vitamin C Antioxidant Sunscreen (SPF 40)

Clarifying Brightening Polish

Ultra Hydrating Serum

L-Hydra Moisturizer

Other Skin Care Products

Click the images below to learn more about each product.

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