Modeling outdoorMiraDry is the world’s first FDA-approved treatment that can stop to undesirable underarm sweat and hair growth, while also eliminating odour-producing glands. It is a fast and painless way to address overproduction of sweat and body odor, making it one of the most appealing procedures to women and men of all ages.

How MiraDry Works

MiraDry utilizes a non-invasive handpiece to deliver precisely controlled electromagnetic energy beneath the underarm skin to specifically target and eliminate sweat glands. During the procedure, the top layers of skin are cooled and protected to allow for a more comfortable experience.

*Most patients will notice positive improvements after one session, but for longer lasting results we recommend between two and three sessions spaced three months apart. Patients can expect to notice an immediate reduction of sweat they produce. Since sweat glands do not grow back, results should last indefinitely.

Is the Procedure Painful?

*MiraDry is performed in consult and usually takes one hour to perform. Local anesthesia is administered before treatment begins, and patients usually experience minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. There is no downtime afterward. Exercise can be resumed a few days after treatment and aftercare are limited to icing the treated area.

What are the known side effects of MiraDry?

*While there are currently no known long-term side effects associated with the treatment, common post-procedure occurrences can include redness, tenderness, and underarm swelling, but these only last for a few days after treatment.

To learn more about MiraDry or to schedule a consultation, contact Kailua Dermatology Centers at 808-263-3233.

*Individual results may vary

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